Our Team of Experts

Cathy O'Brien
Lead Advisor, Director of Education & Partnerships

Cathy has 12 years of experience as a Medicare Advisor to individuals and employers alike. Before joining Chapter, Cathy personally educated, transitioned, and advocated for thousands of Medicare-eligible Americans.

Currently, Cathy’s quest is to simplify the seemingly nonsensical rules and multitudes of components of Medicare through interactive seminars and webinars. Cathy supports people to navigate Medicare anywhere they work, live, or worship.

Cathy is a member of SHRM and WIPN and lives in both Florida and Arizona. She loves to cook, play in the garden and enjoys the great outdoors!
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Our Story

Chapter is an independent Medicare advisor.
Unlike most Medicare advisors who search "major plans" or a subset of plans that pay them, Chapter searches every Medicare option available to you. This full search is why we find savings and benefits that others miss. We are not an insurance carrier. We are a 100% free resource to help Americans navigate the Medicare process.

We started Chapter to create the Medicare Advisor we wanted for our own families.
"As my parents enrolled in Medicare for themselves, they faced a maze: nearly missing deadlines, scrambling to enroll, and filling out piles of paperwork. Worst of all, they could only hope that they made the right choice; it was hard to be sure.Unfortunately, when they finished, they had enrolled in a plan that was more expensive than alternatives for the same coverage."
– Cobi B. Gantz, Chapter CEO

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