Medicare experts who treat you like family.

Chapter is here to guide you through your Medicare journey. We'll teach you about Medicare and help you enroll (for free!). We search every single Medicare option to ensure you find the coverage that fits you best.

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Some ways we can help you:

Choose Medicare coverage for the first time

Learn about Medicare and find your plan, all in one place.

Improve your current Medicare coverage

We’ll help you compare other plan options to find savings.

Decide whether to switch to Medicare

See if you should switch from employer coverage.
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Our team of friendly, licensed experts put your needs above all else.
We'll guide you through sign-up process.
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Why you won't get better service anywhere else:

Comprehensive Search

Chapter has over 20,000 Medicare plans available in our database.
We search all coverage options in your area, not just those that pay us.

Personalized Experience

Chapter provides you with checklists and educational videos tailored to your needs.
Unlike other resources, we go in-depth with helping you from start to finish.

Outstanding Service

Chapter's advisors help you feel secure in your plan choice.
We are available year-round to answer your questions.
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"Ari Parker at Chapter was our amazing guide through a challenging process. He was always totally knowledgeable and incredibly patient with us from the very beginning of the Medicare process until the very end. We can’t imagine how we could have done this without him by our side."
– Chapter client

Get peace of mind with updates about your plan.

Chapter monitors your coverage for changes in premiums and other benefits that are important to you.

Here's what other people are saying:

Recent Savings with Chapter

49% saved
$107 per month saved

in Medigap premiums

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A.C. from IL

64% saved
$64 per month saved

in Part D drug premiums

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S.T. from NY

74% saved
$780 per month saved

using Chapter to sign up

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C.M. from CA

The Chapter Difference

Other Advisors

  • Limited plan options
    Traditional advisors only search the plans that pay them commissions.
  • Misaligned incentives

    Many advisors push plans that pay them more.

  • Limited ongoing support

    Many insurance agents sound like salespeople and are harder to reach after choosing a plan.

Chapter's Advisor Team

  • Comprehensive search
    Chapter searches all coverage options available to you, not a sub-set.
  • Personalized recommendations
    Chapter prioritizes recommendations based on your needs alone.
  • Outstanding service
    Chapter's advisors believe in education and are available year-round to answer your questions.

We started Chapter to create the Medicare advisor we wanted for our own families.

"As my parents enrolled in Medicare for themselves, they faced a maze: nearly missing deadlines, scrambling to enroll, and filling out piles of paperwork. Worst of all, they could only hope that they made the right choice; it was hard to be sure.

Unfortunately, when they finished, they had enrolled in a plan that was more expensive than alternatives for the same coverage."

– Cobi B. Gantz, Chapter CEO

Read about how Chapter started here

Personalized Recommendations

Chapter prioritizes plans based on your needs alone.

Personalized Recommendations

Chapter prioritizes plans based on your needs alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Chapter is an independent Medicare advisor. Unlike most Medicare advisors who search "all major plans" or a subset of plans that pay them a commission, Chapter searches every Medicare option available to you. This full search is why we find savings and benefits that others miss.

How does Chapter make money?

Like many Medicare advisors, we earn a fee paid by insurance companies.

Unlike other Medicare advisors, we recommend coverage options for you by searching among all available options, not just from those companies that pay us. We search among thousands of plans available nationwide.

We believe you deserve the right coverage, full stop. This means that we often recommend plans that earn us no money because it's the right thing to do.

When that happens, you still receive the full benefits of being a member of Chapter.

What types of plans do you recommend?

We recommend both Medicare Supplement (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans, along with Part D Prescription drug plans. We can also help you enroll in Parts A & B, which are the two parts of Original Medicare.

Can I call you if I have questions?

Yes, we are happy to answer your questions. Please call or text us at (605) 205-8869 TTY: 711. You can also reach us at

Questions? Reach out to us:

Call or text: (605) 205-8869 TTY: 711